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About Us

More than
years of experience

installation projects

Generating capacity of almost
5 MW
(5,000 kWp)

The management team and founding team of Dragon Energy have been in the energy industry, especially the power generation business for over 20 years, including large power plants, small power plants. As well as alternative energy and all types of energy innovations also consulting Power management Both general customers (Solar Free and the public solar system) to small business groups (SME) and factories throughout the country.

Dragon Energy Technology and Organizer, which has a total registered capital of 5,000,000 baht to enhance Business strength And jointly develop alternative energy innovations To move forward to a national company Currently, our team has installed almost 1,000 projects, including houses, offices, schools, temples and large industrial factories. Representing a production capacity of almost 5 MW (5,000 kWp) both at home and abroad (Laos, Union of Myanmar, and Malaysia etc.)

This partnership makes us Dragon Energy ready to be a leader in solar innovation. Various renewable energy Design, installation for industrial factories, offices, and residences. Controlled by electrical engineers with over 10 years of experience solving electricity cost problems. Of houses and businesses Which can monitor production status controlled via Smart Phone with Real time from all over the world. One Stop Service for Energy Saving

Dragon Energy


Because we understand your needs We therefore ask to volunteer to explain and solve the energy, where everyone has access to clean energy information that is difficult to understand. Make it easier and closer to you, which we will present the best and suitable solution for your electricity usage or the business you are doing, such as reducing electricity costs from factories, companies or stores, we will explore the area, analyze and propose Choice Most suitable for you

Dragon Energy

The leader of solar innovation,
complete all of service in Dragon Energy.